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Delivered by STOTT PILATES certified Pilate’s instructor. STOTT PILATES is a contemporary approach to the original Pilates method based on modern principles of exercise science and rehabilitation. Often referred to as the “ivy league” of Pilate’s education.

The standards to become a STOTT PILATES instructor are very high. Each instructor must achieve an examination grade in excess of 80% and participate in continuous education credits to remain certified.

What Is Pilates?

Pilates is an intelligent mindful movement exercise which requires concentration, control, and focus. Precision is required to follow the Pilate’s technique and instruction. The emphasis is on technique.

Pilates is a mind-body exercise where the focus is on the mind-body connection. While doing the exercises your mind needs to constantly be aware of your breathing and the way your body moves.

The mind and body work together to achieve health. Pilates builds strength, stability, flexibility, and endurance. It enhances body awareness, good posture, fitness and graceful movement.

Pilates is a thorough workout, focused and a lot of dynamic movement. It is practiced using a floor mat or a variety of equipment.

Benefits of Pilates

Pilates is an intelligent mindful movement exercise:

  • Increases stability for the pelvis and shoulders.
  • Boosts efficiency of body movement.
  • Longer leaner muscles.
  • Complements training for athletes by enhancing the athletes training programme. Helps with injury prevention and performance.
  • Increased muscle strength and tone of the abdominal muscles, pelvic floor, lower back, hips and buttocks (which are the core muscles of the body) also helps strengthen arms and legs.
  • Balanced muscular strength on both sides of the body.
  • Improved posture, coordination, and mobility.
  • Balanced muscular strength on both sides of the body.
  • Helps with relief from stress and gain a stronger back.
  • Rehabilitation – Pilates is a safe and effective method of rehabilitation and exercise that focuses on muscular balance.
  • Heightened mind body awareness.
  • Better fitness and general well-being.
  • Improves body alignment.

History of Pilates

Joesph H. Pilates

Joseph H. Pilates was born in Germany in 1883. His father was a gymnast and his mother a naturopath. He was a very sickly child which lead him to learning about his body and how to improve it to become physically stronger. In his youth he practiced many physical training regimes such as body building, diving, skiing, gymnastics, yoga, self-defence, dance and circus training. Drawing from the physical regimes that he practiced he later went on to develop a system of exercise which intended to strengthen the mind and body to create strength and flexibility.

In 1912, he moved to England, during the war he was interned in camps. In the camps he taught fellow camp members his exercise system which he called “Contrology”. Later, he worked as a nurse to many internees with wartime injuries and disease. He developed equipment to rehabilitate his patients using springs from beds to create resistance and movement for those bedridden. The equipment became known as reformer, the cadillac, chair, ladder and barrels.

When the war ended he moved to New York City where he met his wife Clara and opened a studio. Joseph and Clara’s reputation grew for helping injured clients such as dancers, performers and athletes. Many would attend the studio for training too.

His first students went on to teach his methods Romana Kryzanowska, Kathy Grant, Jay Grime, Kon Fletcher, Maja Wollman, Mary Bowen, Carola Treire, Bob Seed, Eve Gentry, Bruce King, Lolita San Miguel and Mary Pilates.

Joseph H. Pilates published two books related to his method. Your health: A corrective system of exercising that revolutionizes the entire field of physical education in 1934, and return to life through Contrology in 1945.

Joseph H. Pilates died at the age of 87 in New York.

Mat Pilates

    Mat Pilates exercises are performed in a slow, controlled, precise manner and require intense concentration. Mat Pilates is done on the floor using a Pilate’s mat with controlled breathing using your own body weight as resistance to build core strength. Exercises in mat Pilates can involve the use of basic equipment such as Pilate’s rings, resistance bands and toning balls. The group mat Pilates classes are delivered to a max of 12 participants.

    Beginner level at core pilates cork

  • The beginner classes are for those new to Pilates, with some Pilates experience and rehabilitating from injury. The class focuses on gentle movement at a slow pace. The class begins with Stott Pilates 5 basic principles which focus on, body awareness + body alignment. Moving onwards to Stott Pilates warm up and essential exercises.

  • Intermediate level at core pilates cork

  • This class is a continuation class which follows on from beginner level. The exercises become more challenging and the pace is increased.

  • Relaxation

  • Each class will begin with relaxation to help relax the body and focus the mind to enhance concentration for the workout ahead. Each class will close with 10 minutes deep relaxation.

  • Prenatal and Postnatal pregnancy Pilates

  • Coming soon ...

Corporate Pilates

Corporate sessions will help to:

  • Foster team spirit .
  • Reduce stress and decrease muscle tension .
  • Improve posture, strength and flexibility .
  • Encourage the workforce to become physically active .
  • Increase energy levels .
  • Improve overall health and well-being.

To enquire or book corporate Pilates classes, please call +353 86 170 96 74.

Mat Classes Timetable

Ballymaloe Grainstore

Beginner level

07.00 PM to 08.00 PM

Intermediate level

08.00 PM to 09.00 PM

Postnatal Mum and Baby

10.00 AM to 11.00 AM

Mixed level (Beginners, Improvers and Intermediate)

10.00 AM to 11.00 AM

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Private Pilates

One to one Pilate’s classes are beneficial to those new to Pilates as it is an excellent way to master the basic principles and fundamentals of Pilates. The class moves at your pace and tailored to your needs. Pilates is also beneficial as rehabilitation for those recovering from an injury when referred from a GP, Physiotherapist or Chiropractor.

To enquire or book corporate Pilates classes, please call +353 86 170 96 74.


core pilates cork run courses as a 6 week series. The cost is €60.00 for the 6 week course.

Frequently Asked Questions

    What to wear + bring to class?

  • Comfortable gym attire which will allow you to move freely such as leggings/shorts with a top. Nothing too baggy around the neck or ankles. You will need to bring a blanket for relaxation section of class. Also, bring along a bottle of water.

  • Is Pilates for men too?

  • Yes. Joseph H. Pilates the creator of Pilates was indeed male! It is suitable for both men and women. It is a full body workout building strength, flexibility and in general increasing fitness level.

  • Is there an age group to do Pilates?

  • Pilates can be practiced by children, adults and seniors. The exercises are very adaptable and can easily be modified to suit each individuals varying physical limitations. Pilates is for everyone, whatever your age or fitness.

  • I am not fit or flexible, can I do Pilates?

  • Pilates is a great way to begin building strength, flexibility and increase fitness levels by starting with gentle Pilates movements at a slower pace and progressing onwards to more challenging movements at a faster pace.

  • I am fit and flexible, how can Pilates enhance this?

  • Pilates will help to increase core strength, body conditioning and flexibility. Improving performance and reduce risk of injury for those involved in sport such as football, hurling, rugby, golf, running, cycling and many more sporting activities. A beneficial addition to your existing training regime.

  • I am injured or recovering from an injury. Can I do Pilates?

  • When recovering from an injury medical clearance from your physician or physiotherapist is required. Once clearance has been given we can discuss the injury along the relevant exercise modification + program to suit your movement and physical limitations. Also we can discuss if one to one sessions or group class is appropriate for you.

  • Is it safe to do Pilates during pregnancy?

  • A regular Pilate’s mat class is not suitable for pregnancy as a lot of the movements are contraindicated for pregnancy. You can begin a speciality prenatal pregnancy Pilate’s class after 12 weeks. Medical clearance from your physician is required.

  • How to book a class?

  • Classes are run as a 6 week series. You can book a block of 6 week classes by text or calling 086 170 96 74. Alternatively you can email us at info@corepilatescork.ie or fill out contact form HERE.